Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie.


kiss me stupid

I’m dreaming of the moment in which my metallic smile disappears and  I hope to have my mouth free of “irons” before summer. This is not a very orthodox selfie, but now it’s a part of who I am and is an image that I want to keep for memories.


I don’t usually take  many pictures of myself, but when a shadow surprises me, I don’t hesitate to pull the trigger and immortalize myself.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Window.


Window Córdoba


window2 window3 window4

For this challenge I’ve selected these pictures taken in Córdoba from my last visit to this wonderful city. I hope you enjoy and please, remenber:

Best keep yourself clean and bright, you are the window through which you see the world. George Bernard Show.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning.


sunlight beginning

This photo is full of desires and aspirations. All my wishes are hidden under the water. I am just beginning to dive to make all my dreams come true. I know it’s hard work, but I’m on it.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: One.




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First day of vacation. Destination: Playa de Mónsul (II)


Here you have a little video I recorded with the canon 600D; is the first time I use it for that. You can see that I did not use tripod and I dropped the horizon …  but I promise that in the future I’ll do it better…..


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement


This photo was taken with a Nokia N73 a few years ago in the UK and brings back many memories…

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Maybe you, maybe me, maybe we…


I‘m not a foody photographer, i’m not a photographer…, i’m just a woman with l∞ts of kisses, a few cherries and sweet plums… just for you… Happy Sunday!!!!!