Rainy Day in Madrid.


Happy sunday to everyone! After Friday’s Photo Challenge I’ve been thinking what is my real challenge to make this blog, what reasons compel me to undertake this small project, this great hobby. I have come to conclusion that my great hobby is Photography, but my real need is Writing. And I have a big problem: I write in English. That’s my real Challenge. I’m Spanish, a French teacher and  travel agent. I studied in College French, Italian and German but English only a few months. I love learning about other cultures, reading other people, and that’s how I’m learning English: reading and writing. From the first moment I started this blog I saw that 80% of my readers were English-speaking from all over the world, and you can not imagine how I filled it with satisfaction. You do not know how much I enjoy looking at my stats flags in all colors and  from so many countries, I’m truly happy!!!! With this tirade just want to ask a little patience when you read words or expressions squeaky and perhaps without much sense: I’m trying…

And without further delay I’ll tell you that these pictures are from Madrid last weekend. It was a rainy day but funny. Since I do not live in Madrid I love to walk about the city where I grew up as if seeing it for the first time, as a tourist in my own land. Everytime I go, I take a photo of my feet on the Kilometro Cero (top photo), in the middle of the Puerta del Sol. I love it!!! Walking down Gran Via I met a couple of guys that offered me the opportunity to take a picture with them. They were models advertising the new Lady Gaga’s perfume in a Sephora store. At first I was embarrassed (why me?), but then I thought why not? It was funny!!

Well, I hope all of you guys have a nice day and a pretty sunday. See you!!!


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